Sunchild First Nation: Community Roads, Residences, and Service Infrastructure Buildout

Sunchild First Nation (Sunchild) is planning a new residential subdivision in order to accommodate it's need for approximately 200 residential lots for their citizens over the next 25 years.
The overall subdivision concept incorporates a total of 200 residential lots (~77 Acres), constructed in four phases. Other amenities of the subdivision concept include greenspace (~157 Acres), a multi-family area (~5.8 Acres), space for commercial development (~5.2 Acres), roadways and a multi-use trail system.

Service/Infrastructure Requirement

Water Supply and Distribution
• The water system is anticipated to consist of groundwater supply wells, a water treatment plant, pump house, supply and distribution mains, service laterals and other appurtenances including fire hydrants

Sanitary Sewer
• The sanitary sewer will be collected in underground piped gravity mains discharging to a four-cell facultative lagoon that will be released to the Baptiste River as per conditions set out in the final Permit to Operate.
• The lagoon has been located with consideration to both the natural topography of the site and the required setbacks from abandoned gas wells, residential lots and the Baptiste River.

Stormwater Management
• It is not expected at this time that a minor storm system will be required in the new subdivision. If it is determined at a later date that ISC's environmental team requires provision of an underground piped system, ROHI Engineering Ltd (ROHI) will follow the advice of ISC and further outline the minor system requirements.
• ROHI expects to implement stormwater lot-level controls that reduce runoff volumes and treat the quality of stormwater before it reaches any wetlands or tributaries discharging to the Baptiste River.

Large Diameter Culvert Crossings
• There are four significant water crossings along the proposed main collector road alignment. The pre and post development drainage basins will be further delineated and refined during the preliminary design phase of the project.

Roadways and Site Access
• The road concept for the subdivision consists of a main collector road that is approximately 4 km in length from the intersection of the west access to just beyond the limits of the new lagoon location.
• This collector assumes a 24-metre-wide right-of-way width.
• Internal local rural subdivision roads have been designed using a 20-metre-wide road right-of-way standard.
• The subdivision lands are currently accessed by a single existing bridge. While the capacity of the existing bridge is sufficient, the width is narrow and is not expected to accommodate the new traffic volumes utilizing the subdivision at full build-out.
• Potential option to have the existing one-way bridge enter the site and install a new one-way bridge to exit the site.

Future Shallow Utilities (telephone, power, gas, fibre optic, television, internet services, etc.)
• For future phases of subdivision engineering, a Feasibility Study will be completed all relevant shallow utility providers will be engaged to locate surface features such as transformers, switch gear, telephone switching cabinets, cell towers and all other infrastructure required to service the subdivision.


Latest update

September 9, 2022 - The public period on the project is closed. Indigenous Services Canada is considering comments received to help inform its determination on whether the carrying out of the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.


Key documents

Key documents
Document Number Document Title File Date
1 Public Comment Period on Intent to Make a Determination - March 9, 2022


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    • Sunchild First Nation (Alberta)
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    • Building and Property Development
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    In progress
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    Sunchild First Nation
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    • Indigenous Services Canada
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    Project on federal lands
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