Alexander First Nation Waste Transfer/Diversion Station Rehabilitation

The objective of this project is to improve the existing transfer station to provide Alexander First Nation (AFN) a safe, functional and versatile solid waste diversion facility to meet the needs of the community.

AFN has an existing operating transfer station and has recently transitioned to a direct haul method of waste management therefore the existing facility can be transitioned to a waste diversion station. AFN's solid waste management systems include curbside collection and direct hauling to Roseridge Regional Landfill. Waste from community buildings is picked up in the same manner as residential collection. Residents can also deposit household waste at four 20-yard bins as well as various recyclables at the existing transfer station. The station accepts recyclable and divertible materials such as tires, electronics, household hazardous waste, bulky materials, construction and demolition waste, mattresses, oil, metals, etc.

The existing AFN transfer station was built in 2000 and is located approximately 2.4 km north of Alberta Transportation's Highway 642, and 500m East of Range Road 272. The existing transfer station is a grade separated facility measuring approximately 60 m x 100 m. There are four 20-yard containers at the saw-tooth wall that are for household waste. Several bins, cages, sea-cans and compounds are located along the north and east side of the site that are meant for divertible materials. A perimeter fence and an access gate are present surrounding the site as well as an access gate on RR 272. An existing landfill is located to the east and a contaminated soil waste pile is located on the north side of the site. There is potential that the existing site is sitting on an old landfill. The site is in generally poor condition due to rutting, scattered waste and recyclable materials, lack of lighting and no attendant office. The saw tooth wall is short, and limits capacity to upgrade bins in the future. Improvements include regrading, compaction and graveling to improve drainage, replacement of the retaining wall, clean-up of oil spills and replacement of the perimeter fence and gate. A new heated attendant booth will also be added.

The potential for contaminated  material within and adjacent to the project footprint has been identified for this project; the execution of a Phase 2 assessment and sampling of nearby groundwater monitoring wells will be completed to determine whether additional drilling will be required and how contamination will be addressed. The Phase 2 assessment will be undertaken in conjunction with the geotechnical investigation.


Latest update

July 24, 2023 – Indigenous Services Canada issued its Notice of Determination ( and determined that the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.



Indigenous Services Canada
Stacey LeBlanc, Sr. Environment Officer
630 Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4G2
Telephone: 780-782-8350

  • Location

    • Alexander First Nation (Alberta)
  • Nature of Activity

    • Waste Management
  • Assessment Status

    In progress
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  • Proponent

    Alexander First Nation
  • Authorities

    • Indigenous Services Canada
  • Assessment Type

    Project on federal lands
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