Garden Hill First Nation Road Upgrades

The Project is 304sqm and involves the design and construction of approximately 16.9 km of upgrades to existing gravel roads throughout Garden Hill First Nation (the Project area) including: -approximately 4.0 km of existing gravel road re-surfacing and 800 m of ditch cleaning along the main road north of the Causeway water crossing (North Area; Attachment 1) -approximately 7.8 km of existing gravel road re-surfacing, 600 m of gravel road re-construction, 1 km of soft spot repair, and 5.6 km of ditch cleaning along the main road and adjacent connecting roads from the Causeway water crossing through the main community townsite (Central Area; Attachment 1) -approximately 3.7 km of existing gravel road re-surfacing, 1.5 km of ditch cleaning, and 400 m of soft spot repair on the road located south of the Main Road (South Area) The road upgrades are anticipated to meet the following design criteria: -a two-lane gravel road with 3 m lane width, 3% rounding, and 1 m shoulder width, within an approximately 20 m cleared right of way (10 m on each side) -gravelled surface consisting of 200 mm thick A-base top course supported on a 450 mm thick C-base course overtop a woven geotextile with subbase compaction -corrugated steel pipe culverts (approximately 50) with varying diameters from 0.45 m to 1.2 m, discharging to ditches of approximately 1 m width with random stone riprap overtop of non-woven geotextile and compacted subgrade to support local drainage conditions -drainage ditches with 4:1 sideslope from the road, 1 m width, and 3:1 sideslope from the right of way


Project activities from January 2023 to July 2023 include: -repair a post and install hazard markers on the Causeway water crossing -clearing and grubbing of vegetation from right of way and ditches to improve drainage and sight lines (to occur in winter 2023) -excavation of the ditches to meet design criteria -placement, compaction, and grading of gravel materials to meet design criteria -culvert installations and replacements to improve drainage, designed to maintain fish passage where required -installation of road signage within the right of way to improve road safety.


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Indigenous Services Canada
Shelly Johnson, Senior Environmental Specialist
200-365 Hargrave Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3A3
Telephone: 204-984-0709

  • Location

    • Garden Hill (Manitoba)
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    • Highways and Roads
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    In progress
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    Garden Hill First Nation
  • Authorities

    • Indigenous Services Canada
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    Project on federal lands
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