Artificial wood turtle nest site creation in Shewenegan Picnic area

A 7.0 x 9.0-metre turtles nesting  site will be created on a bank adjacent to Shewenegan Pond. The organic soil present on this surface will be removed using motorized equipment. A geotextile will be put in place once the organic soil is removed to prevent vegetation regrowth. A minimum thickness of 30 cm of sand and gravel with a diameter of less than 20 mm will be added above the geotextile over the entire area to provide a suitable substrate for turtle nesting. The top and bottom of the bank will remain intact for a length of 2m to prevent visitors from accessing the nesting site and to maintain a buffer zone from the wetland. A mini-excavator and a mini tracked-dumper will be used to carry out this work.


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January 24, 2020 - The assessment decision statement has been issued to the proponent.



La Mauricie National Park
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Shawinigan, Quebec G9N 1E9
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  • Location

    • La Mauricie National Park (Quebec)
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    • Remediation and conservation
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    Parks Canada
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    • Parks Canada Agency
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    Project on federal lands
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