Public Comment Period on Intent to Make a Determination
Bridge and Gap Crossing Modernization; Bridge Curing Addition to Building K4– 5th Canadian Division Support Base (CDSB) Gagetown

May 15, 2023 — The Department of National Defence must decide whether the proposed project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this decision, the Department of National Defence is inviting comments from the public on the project and its potential effects on the environment. All comments received will be considered public. For more information, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website.

Written comments must be submitted by June 3, 2023 to:

Ann MacLean, Project Manager
Mailing Address:  PO BOX 17000 Stn Forces, Oromocto
New Brunswick, Canada, E2V 4J5

The Proposed Project

The Department of National Defence (DND) is proposing a project which will replace the current Line of Communication Bridging, Medium Girder Bridging and Medium Floating Bridge/Rafts. It will also introduce additional bridging types to restore capabilities while increasing sustainment, efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility of the Canadian Armed Forces Military Bridging Equipment. The new family of modern Military Bridging Equipment will have the ability to support light to heavy forces to cross spans up to 50 meters over dry gaps or up to 500 meters floating on a wet gap. The infrastructure portion of the project will involve the construction of a building addition with 6 curing/inspection bays to the existing Building K4 and will include, but is not limited to, concrete and asphalt removal, excavation, and preparation of foundation work. Once the site is prepared K4 addition will be constructed using proven building technologies based on minimum military guidelines. The structure will be supplied with electrical, plumbing, ventilating and heating (requirements to be determined in design).

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