Beach Revitalization and New Boardwalk Trail – Public Comments Invited From 17 November to 17 December 2020  

17 November 2020 – Parks Canada must decide whether the proposed project Beach Revitalization and New Boardwalk Trail, located in Rouge National Urban Park is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. Parks Canada will be assessing this project using a Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA).

To help inform this decision, Parks Canada is issuing this notice of intent to make a determination and inviting comments from the public on the project's potential effects on the environment. Comments provided by the public will be incorporated into the DIA. The DIA will be made available to the public in the registry, and upon request, following its completion in 2021, and Parks Canada will provide opportunities for public comment at that time (anticipated to be in May 2021). All comments received will be considered public. For more information on the public nature of your comments, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website.

In order to submit comments or request a copy of the Detailed Impact Assessment, contact:

Rouge National Urban Park 
105 Guildwood Parkway
PO Box 11024
Toronto, ON M1E 1N0
Telephone: 416-264-2020
Fax: 416-264-2167

Comments on the project proposal must be submitted by 17 December 2020.

Project Summary:

The Rouge Beach Improvements project features a revitalization of the Beach Day Use Area within Rouge National Urban Park; a new signature trail that will provide an in-park connection from Rouge Beach to the existing Mast trail; improvements to the existing Mast Trail trailhead, as well as emergency work on the lower beach area to combat climate change, flooding, and erosion. The primary goals of the project are community improvements to the beach area, climate change adaptation and community safety, and enhance ecological restoration and conservation. This project will enhance the natural and cultural integrity of the area and foster meaningful connections to its natural beauty and rich history.

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