Notice of Commencement of an Environmental Assessment and Substitution Approval

Ottawa – August 21, 2014 - The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) has commenced an environmental assessment pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012) for the Aurora LNG Project proposed by Aurora Liquefied Natural Gas Limited. For this project, the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, P.C., M.P., Minister of the Environment, has granted substitution of the environmental assessment to British Columbia (B.C.).

Having taken into consideration the request for substitution from B.C. and its approach to undertaking the substituted environmental assessment as set out in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office on the Substitution of Environmental Assessments (2013), the Minister is satisfied that conditions identified below will be met and that the B.C. environmental assessment process is an appropriate substitute. The Minister approves the substitution request given that B.C. has committed to meeting the following conditions:

  • The designated project to be assessed is the construction, operation and decommissioning of a liquefied natural gas facility, marine terminal and any incidental physical activities, including marine shipping activities.
  • The substituted process will include a consideration of the factors set out in subsection 19(1) of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012).
  • B.C. will ensure that any Orders under sections 11, 13 and 14 or 15 of B.C.'s Environmental Assessment Act require the subsection 19(1) factors.
  • The public will be given an opportunity to participate in the environmental assessment.
  • The public will have access to records in relation to the environmental assessment to enable their meaningful participation.
  • At the end of the environmental assessment, B.C. will submit a report to the Agency that includes the findings and conclusions of the environmental assessment with respect to the factors as set out in subsection 19(1) of CEAA 2012.
  • The report will be made available to the public.

The Minister has also established the following additional conditions for this project:

  • B.C. will involve expert federal authorities in the B.C. process.
  • B.C. will provide the environmental assessment report to the Agency within a time frame that will enable the Minister to make decisions under subsection 52(1) of CEAA 2012 within the time limits set out in CEAA.
  • B.C. will conduct procedural aspects of Aboriginal consultation in accordance with the process set out in the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • B.C. will make available to Aboriginal groups funding provided by the Agency to support Aboriginal consultation during the substituted environmental assessment.

For further information on this environmental assessment, please contact:

Aurora LNG Project
B.C. Environmental Assessment Office
Kenneth Howes, Project Assessment Manager
836 Yates Street, 2nd Floor
Victoria BC, V8X 9R5
Office: 250-387-2445
Fax: 250-387-0230

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