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My family has had a summer cottage on the south shore of Lake Simcoe since 1955.  During my first summer here I celebrated my 3rd birthday.  My mother Beryl told me that their 1955 annual taxes for the lake front lot on McRae Beach were $52.00 then.  My wife Debbie and I moved up here permanently in 2018 after rebuilding on the same lot.  (Our taxes are a lot higher now.)

My opposition to the proposed link is based on environmental impact.  What would the impact be on the lake as a whole and specifically the area between Georgina Island, Sibbald Point Park and Duclos Point?  The environmental assessment is just that – an assessment.  No one can know exactly what the ramifications of this project will be on this beautiful lake.   I realize that the ferry has limited service all year and some winters it does not run at all.  I have read all of the submissions to date.  I particularly am in favour of the electric ferry/ice breaker replacement solution - with longer hours of operation.

John McIntyre

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John McIntyre
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2022-05-28 - 9:10 PM
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