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Maintaining the current bridge design that Alexandra Bridge has now ensures that heritage is respected for those who live in Ottawa and Canada, while also it is of less expense than dismantling and building all new.  There will be a double cost for the dismantlement, for the action itself and for the enviroment.  Recycling of any materials while preserving heritage is the best option, and the most inexpensive for the taxpayer.  In comparison to other capital cities, there are bridges that are exposed to similar climates that Ottawa has and, they still maintain bridges that are older than Alexandra Bridge, in order to keep their heritage intact.  An interprovicial bridge such as this gives cultural identity to a community and a nation. Once destroyed it cannot be rebuilt in the same manner, in addition to loss of this example of Canadian engineering.   Bridges of this esteem are often only dismantled if catastrophic destruction happens to them such as in war, not due to inability to find solutions on how to repair and replace parts with new.  A new Alexandra bridge could be fashioned in the same way, keeping its history while also maintaining its safety.  

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Sharon Odell
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2022-04-24 - 11:56 PM
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