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2020-11-27 12:00:00 AM

Hello, Everyone

I wanted to submit a comment via email, not using social media. Please redirect this if you would be so kind, if it is in the wrong place.

As a little girl, the Southern resident Killer Whales thrilled me to my core. I had pictures of their fins, and the names and numbers scientists had given them, up on my wall in my bedroom. I drew them from photographs in the many books and journal articles about them. 

Seeing them was a highlight of my childhood.  

They have been having a hard time for years now, and I am writing, because I believe that this proposed development would hurt this community of whales, again, as they have faced many other shocks and harms as the climate changes. 

This proposed development will hurt these whales, as well as hurting migratory birds, and many other forms of life, as well as the Salish Sea itself.

Please don't do this. Please restore our ecosystems instead.

Thank you.

Alexandra McLean 

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Administrator on behalf of Alexandra McLean
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