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2020-11-25 12:00:00 AM

This is a note to register my opposition to the T2 terminal—bad idea putting another terminal in an Important Birding Area and international RAMSAR site. The largest population of Western Sandpipers frequent this area and depend on biofilm for survival during migration. Altho the jury is out on whether a new terminal will alter biofilm to the point that it will either not survive or not have the nutritional value it currently has, why would you take a chance on destroying the world’s largest Western Sandpiper population? I am a birder, so my focus is on birds,  but the report I read made it clear that Barn Owls, Orcas and salmon will also be at risk from this terminal. 

As the world moves toward clean energy, why are you hoping to build a facility to ship dirty coal around the world? Is encouraging a dying industry responsible, or a viable  business plan? 

You get the picture. Marion Shikaze.

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Administrator on behalf of Marion Shikaze
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