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Further comment following the information sessions on Nov. 5 and Nov. 10

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2020-11-16 6:25:44 PM

I participated in both online sessions. Resulting from these sessions I have further comments to make, in addition to my submission reference number 15 on the registry.

1. Prince Rupert is a viable alternative to Berth 4.

From presentations made during the virtual information sessions it appears that Global Container Terminals (GCT) is ignoring the expansion plans for Prince Rupert’s container terminals. In the same way that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority sought to dismiss Prince Rupert as a viable alternative to its Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) project, so now is GCT when it suggests that Berth 4 is the best way to satisfy Canada’s future needs for additional west coast container terminal capacity.

Prince Rupert’s container terminals must be properly factored into the assessment of the GCT Berth 4 project. DP World, the Prince Rupert terminal operator, has laid out is plans for expansion at Prince Rupert. These include further expansion of the Fairview terminal and then construction of a second container terminal on South Kaien Island. This will provide a total capacity of between 4 – 5 million TEUs. That capacity, coupled with that of Vancouver area terminals, is sufficient for Canada’s trading needs for decades to come without ever building Berth 4 or RBT2. Prince Rupert provides a faster (two sailing days), cheaper, more efficient trade route between North America and Asia. The port is ice-free year round, is served by an underutilized Class one railroad with service to central and eastern Canada and US markets. The traverse over the mountains is much better than the southern rail route. And Prince Rupert does not present the major environmental issues that exist with building more terminal capacity on Roberts Bank.

This federal assessment must therefore fully investigate and consider Prince Rupert as an alternative to Berth 4.

2. Assessment by Review Panel.

Should the Berth 4 project proceed beyond the planning phase then it is essential that a federally appointed Review Panel assess this project.

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Roger Emsley
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