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Opposition to Any Further Port Development on Roberts Bank

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2020-11-10 3:36:37 PM

I submit these comments as a statement in opposition to the proposed Berth 4 Expansion for Deltaport on Roberts Bank in Delta BC.

Whilst the Berth 4 project appears better than the environmentally disastrous and economically unsustainable taxpayer funded Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project, approval for Berth 4 must still be denied. There must be no further port or industrial development in the Fraser Estuary and specifically on Roberts Bank for the following basic reasons:

1. The Lower Fraser River and Estuary have already lost 80 percent of its natural habitat. The wetlands and wetland functions must be protected from any further development.

2. Roberts Bank is recognized in Canada and across the world as a Globally Significant Important Bird and Biodiversity Area. Canada will face international embarrassment if this important ecosystem and the wildlife that it supports suffer further degradation from port development.

3. The South Salish Sea and Juan de Fuca Strait already handle too many ship transits. There must be no further increases in vessel traffic in this area beyond the levels of 2019. Instead further BC West Coast expansions of container terminal capacity must be sited in Prince Rupert where vessels can move easily in and out of the port and where there are already plans to add significant container terminal capacity sufficient to satisfy Canada’s trading needs for decades to come.

The attached detailed report contains the evidence and justification sufficient to substantiate this position. 

Roger Emsley
Executive Director
Against Port Expansion Community Group (


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Roger Emsley
Public Notice
Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Initial Project Description
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