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deltaport expansion berth 4 project citizen comment

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2020-10-17 12:00:00 AM
We have a number of concerns around the claims of "remediation" of the effects on the environment.  Past projects on the Fraser River estuary have not at all been successful in "replacing or relocating" hatchery areas for fish, nesting areas for birds, migratory paths for aquatic and sea life, or mitigating effects on air quality and human health.
Examples include the current port, which have had direct and detrimental effects on air quality due to the increase in truck and ship traffic. While providing shore power to prevent the idling of large ships is admirable, the reality is that unless the shipping lines actually require ships to retrofit or the port allows only vessels with the capability to use shore power, there will in fact be an increase in the negative effects on the surrounding area. As neither of these two scenarios are likely to happen prior to completion of the project, these port expansion will include an increase in heavy particulates due to truck, rail and ship emissions.  This will in all likelihood, also negatively affect the soil diversity of the valuable farmland that is adjacent to the port location, as well as the health of the human population living in the area.
Studies done on the long term effects of living adjacent to heavily used highways and roads, and the effects of diesel particulates on the lungs of children and adults show that there are impacts on lung capacity and respiratory health.  What we don’t see is studies which cost the effects on the medical system from this type of exposure over the long term. Those of living us in Ladner and Tsawwassen are already seeing an increase in the amount of particulates in our air (discounting the smoke of recent years), the increase in road noise as the road traffic and rail traffic has increased around our communities, and the continued eroding of the farmland base so vital to the province.
I will leave the detailed science to the experts. There are plenty of studies that have been completed that indicate the environmental damage this project will wreak. As residents, we strongly feel that the port cannot dismiss these and other environmental concerns as being outside their control. Increasing the port capacity will result in serious and permanent effect on the local environment-air, land and sea- with negative consequences that will erode our health as a direct response to the ports expansion.
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Administrator on behalf of D & R Graham
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