Town of Unity's Support of Great Sandhills Railway Switching Operations at North West Terminal Project

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Please consider this correspondence the Town of Unity's continued support for the Great Sandhills Railway Switching Operation at North West Terminal Project. Agriculture and related railway infrastructure is essential to the economic wellbeing of the Unity District- this proposed project will significantly improve the efficiency and enhance the capacity for agricultural producers to effectively market and export their products. The Town of Unity's Official Community Plan states, "The Town of Unity shall work with the Rural Municipality of Round Valley to promote inter-municipal partnerships adjacent to the Town's urban boundary to minimize potential land use conflicts"- this project, located within the Rural Municipality of Round Valley does align with the land use of Industrial designated peripheral lands within the Town of Unity. With both Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway main rail lines travelling through the Town of Unity, the project's goal to decrease backlog and increase efficiency of rail travel and transportation would be positive for the Town of Unity. Proposed job creation and financial benefits to agricultural producers in the Unity District would be welcomed by the Town of Unity to support local economic development. The Town of Unity sincerely supports the funding and the approval of the Great Sandhills Railway Switching Operation at North West Terminal Project.  

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Town ofUnity
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2020-10-09 - 6:09 PM
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