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Porpoise Harbour - Lelu Island Range Markers

To satisfy a PRPA requirement for the safe transportation of laden, outbound LPG carriers from Pembina's Port Edward facility, the Prince Rupert Port Authority and Pembina are collaborating with the Canadian Coast Guard to install navigational range markers delineating an outbound 160° track in Porpoise Harbour. The forward range marker, consisting of a single pile, will be located in the northern mouth of Stapledon Slough, the rear marker will be located on the northern shore of Lelu Island. Engineering drawings are finalized and being submitted to the Canadian Coast Guard for final approval.

Construction of the pile for the forward marker will be undertaken in accordance with industry best management practices for pile driving and instream works. Construction of the rear marker will require some localized excavation along the northern shoreline of Lelu Island and will also be undertaken in accordance with industry best management practices for instream works. 


This map is for illustrative purposes. The markers represent the approximate locations based on available data. More than one marker may be identified for a given assessment.

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  • Transport Canada
  • 800 Burrard Street, Unit 820
  • Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2J8
  • Telephone: 604-368-6178
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  • Location

    • Porpoise Harbour (British Columbia)
  • Project Type

    • Ports and Harbours
  • Status

    In progress
  • Start Date

  • Proponent

    Pembina Pipeline Corporation
  • Authorities

    • Prince Rupert Port Authority
    • Transport Canada
  • Assessment Type

    Project on federal lands
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