Concerned with changing policy and approving open pit coal mines

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Having lived, worked and recreated in Southern Alberta all my life, I am very concerned with the UCP policy to allow open pit coal mines in some of the most pristine areas of our province. While I understand there is potential for substantial economic benefit to the Crowsnest pass region of our province, i am not convinced that this benefit will be there long term as the world seeks more sustainable means of developing resources.

My biggest concern is with the impact on our wildlands and the species like West Slope Cutthroad and Grizzly Bear that rely on clean water and air. My concern is really with what happens if economics deem these projects uneconomic and will the rest of Albertans be on the hook for the remediation of these lands once foreign interests abandon them.

I think this decision could lead to an avalanche of additional mines which I dont believe the environmental impacts of each individual project have taken into account and would therefore ask that much more detailed work and public consultation on the entire portfolio of projects be supported before any approvals are given on this or any other application



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Bernard Kohrs
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2021-01-15 - 5:59 PM
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