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I write to express that I do not support the Robert Banks Terminal 2 project.

There is substantial evidence demonstrating that significant adverse effects from Roberts Bank Terminal 2 are expected on Fraser Chinook salmon and Southern Resident killer whales, which are two important at-risk species. The Southern Resident killer whales depend on salmon for their survival, and their population is critically low that we need to do all we can to revive the salmon and killer whale populations. There is a lack of evidence demonstrating that habitat offsetting can successfully mitigate the adverse effects. 

The Fraser River is the largest salmon-bearing river in Canada and it spills into the estuary, where juvenile salmon grow and adjust to saltwater life before making their way into the ocean. The estuary is also internationally recognized as an important bird and biodiversity hub as millions of birds stop to rest and replenish themselves along this migration route. 

As well, the First Nations communities have experienced a degradation of the land and water quality on their traditional lands, due to pollution. Pollution has had a significant cumulative effect on their cultural heritage, and they are no longer able to live off the land as they did in the past because of pollution. 

I hope the Robert Banks terminal 2 project is rejected. We have to give more weight to reducing our impact on the environment   and protecting those who don't have voices and those whose voices have not been disregarded in the past. 

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Shannon Hughes
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2022-03-15 - 10:23 PM
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