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FW Teck Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project 2020-01-27 08 06

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2020-01-27 12:00:00 AM


I’ve spent the last week or so reading your July 25, 2019 Report of the Joint Review Panel on the Frontier Oil Sands Mine
Project in the Fort
McMurray Area. I found it interesting but it took me sometime to find what you folks were going to use for an energy
source, natural gas.
Yes, natural gas has a lower CO2 output than burning coal or bitumen. However, there is a energy source which is carbon
free, the Small
Modular Reactor, SMR or in a more descriptive term the Molten Salt Reactor, MSR.
I can’t believe you folks aren’t aware of this energy source.
The following site explains how this CO2 free source of energy is capable of doing for our planet.
- Simon Newton, Moltex 2019 -
John Galloway
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Administrator on behalf of John Galloway
Environmental Assessment Decision
Public Notice
Public Notice: Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project - Environmental Assessment Public Comment Period on Additional Information
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