Construction of New Aircraft Hangar and Associated Taxiway

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Document Notice of Determination

  • Project Construction of New Aircraft Hangar and Associated Taxiway
  • Document Category: Additional Information
  • Reference Number: 2
  • Updated: 2022-03-14
  • Document: 143172E.html
  • Relevance: 343.67
  • Notice of Determination Ottawa — March 14, 2022 — The Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA) has determined that the proposed project to construct a new aircraft hangar (200 Convair Private) and the associated taxiway located north of Hangar 14 east Alpha Taxiway in Ottawa, Ontario, is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects if the following mitigation measures ...
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  • Relevance: 292.67
  • Avis de décision   Ottawa – 14 mars 2022 – L'Administration de l'aéroport international d'Ottawa (AAIO) a déterminé que le projet proposé visant à construire un nouveau hangar (200 privé Convair) ainsi que les voies de circulation qui s'y rattachent et qui sont situées au nord du Hangar 14 et à l'est de la voie de circulation Alpha à Ottawa, Ontario, ...

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