The NEB will make funds available under its Participant Funding Program (PFP) to assist registered intervenors in participating in the regulatory process of the proposed Eastern Mainline Project. Funding must be used to prepare for and participate in the hearing process.

Funding applications should be submitted as soon as possible. The indicated end date for PFP applications is only approximate. When the Board sets out the hearing process, this deadline will be adjusted. Funding will only be awarded for hearing related activities conducted after your PFP application has been approved. Please review the Participant Funding Program Guide to determine how to apply for funding and what funding will cover.

Interested persons are encouraged to review information on the proposed project and the Preliminary Draft List of Issues that have been issued by the Board before submitting an application. To learn more about the NEB Participant Funding Program, please visit the Participant Funding Program webpage or contact the Participant Funding Coordinator ( or 403-299-3130).

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