Public Notice
McNab Valley Aggregate Project – Status of the Comprehensive Study Process

A series of amendments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act came into force effective July 12, 2010. As part of these amendments, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency will perform the duties and functions of the responsible authority for the comprehensive study of the McNab Valley Aggregate Project until the submission of the comprehensive study report to the Minister of the Environment.

Additional information on the McNab Valley Aggregate Project can be found on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry under reference number 10-03-54754.

The amendments require that the Agency provide the public with the opportunity to comment on the McNab Valley Aggregate Project and the conduct of the comprehensive study. However, at this time, the proponent is examining aspects of the project that could affect the conduct of the environmental assessment. Once further information is received from the proponent, the Agency will provide the public with an opportunity to comment.

In the interim, should you wish to receive information on the environmental assessment of this project, please contact:

McNab Valley Aggregate Project
Chris Barlow, Project Manager
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
805 -1550 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 1A5
Telephone: 604-666-2431
Fax: 604-666-3493

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