January 15, 2024 – The Montreal Port Authority (MPA), has determined that the proposed project of Repair of Protection on the embankment – Contrecoeur at the Port of Montreal is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

Mitigation measures taken into account for this determination are:

Environmental effect:

Effective and established mitigation


Deterioration of riparian buffer strips, fish and fish habitat

Work carried out during low-flow periods (August 1 to December 31, 2024), if not, between October 15, 2024 and March 31, 2025. Work will be carried out from land. No machinery will operate in water.

Soil erosion and sediment suspension

Installation of a sediment barrier at the bottom of the bank and/or a containment curtain along the work area to protect the water environment (river) and sensitive areas.

Storage of unconsolidated excavated materials at a distance of more than 15 m from the river and other water bodies, including covering these materials with an approved membrane.

Dispersal of recovered residual materials

Prioritization of management according to the 3RVE, compliance with applicable regulations and disposal at authorized sites.

Excavation of potentially contaminated soil

Generic APM requirements: Prioritized reuse of acceptable excavated material, compliance with applicable regulations, disposal at authorized sites and traceability, where applicable.


Sprinkling with water, covering materials likely to generate dust, and restoring drainage conditions, if modified.

Spills of new or residual hazardous materials

Development and implementation of an EUMP, environmental response kits, compliance with applicable regulations, dedicated storage and handling areas.


Use of wide-band back-up alarms, anti-noise devices on truck body panels, limiting idling.

Special requirements: Acoustic measurement equipment, speed limit signs on site, vehicle maintenance and inspection plan.


Installation of barriers to limit intrusion. Field survey to identify the presence of geographic turtles. Where necessary, capture and relocation of individuals prior to site demarcation.

Comply with applicable regulations, and respect work periods.

Therefore, the MPA may perform any duty or function to enable the project to be carried out in whole or in part.


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