Notice of intent to make a determination

Cumberland House Cree Nation On-reserve Timber Harvesting and Wildfire Fuel Break - Public Comments Invited

August 26, 2022 - Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the proposed Cumberland House Cree Nation On-reserve Timber Harvesting and Wildfire Fuel Break, located on Cumberland House Cree Nation IR 20 , is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.

Written comments must be submitted by September 24, 2022 to:

Indigenous Services Canada
SK Region, Environment Unit 
1827 Albert Street
Regina, SK S4P 2S9

The Proposed Project

The Chief and Council of Cumberland House Cree Nation have engaged Cumberland Wood Products to undertake a wildfire fuel break by harvesting timber southeast of the community of Cumberland House. The request is to harvest a total volume of 50,000m3, consisting of 14,601 m3 of softwood and 35,399 m3 of hardwood.

Project will include flagging the outer harvest boundary, felling timber, skidding timber roadside, in-block road construction, delimbing timber, spreading harvest slash,  processing timber into log lengths, loading and hauling timber to mill facilities, piling excess harvest slash, reclaiming in-block roads, burning harvest slash piles, planting spruce seedlings, monitoring regeneration at year 7 and year 14. Harvesting is scheduled outside the nesting season in the fall and winter months.

Harvest slash (limbs and small diameter tree tops) are the only waste product from harvesting.  The slash will be spread back across the block to decompose naturally.  In areas where slash would limit forest regeneration, slash will be piled and burned.

Tree planting seedling boxes, plastic wrap, and plastic box liners will be removed from the site and disposed in an approved landfill.

The area is within the Cumberland Delta and has been home to Indigenous Peoples for centuries.  The project is supported by the Chief and Council of the Cumberland House Cree Nation and any input they provide to special places will be addressed during harvest operations.

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