Public Comment Period on Intent to Make a Determination
Additive tank and distribution system replacement– Canadian Forces Base Bagotville

August 17, 2022 — The Department of National Defence must decide whether the proposed project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this decision, the Department of National Defence is inviting comments from the public on the project and its potential effects on the environment. All comments received will be considered public. For more information, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website.

Written comments must be submitted by September 5, 2022 to:
Michel Lajoie, Environment Officer
Mailing Address:  Canadian Forces Base Bagotville, PO Box 5000
Alouette, QC, Canada, G0V 1A0

The Proposed Project

The Department of National Defence (DND) has proposed a project which aims to carry out work to replace an additive tank (2,359 litres) and the distribution system. The work involves, but is not limited to, the existing tank replacement (2,359 litres) with a new one (4,500 litres) as well as the current distribution system with two new pumps including all equipment necessary for operation and connection (hoses, reels, start buttons, cabinets, piping, support, connectors, grounding, junction boxes, etc.). The work will require existing infrastructure dismantling (concrete slab (2), tank support (4) and stairs (2)) and the two new concrete slabs construction for the installation of the new tank and its equipment. Excavation work and the use of imported backfill are planned for the project. Contaminated soils management and disposal are planned as part of the project.

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