The CFSA waterlot is approximately 35,000 m2 (3.5 ha) in size and contains six docks and two floating barges. Contaminants of concern (COCs) encountered in the CFSA waterlot during the most recent investigation confirmed the presence of metals, PAHs, and PCBs at concentrations exceeding the maximum numeric remedial action objectives (NRAOs).  PSPC is proposing to remove the existing marina structures and remediate the contaminated sediment within the CFSA waterlot.  The Project is focused on bringing the CFSA property into alignment with the general management goals related to federal contaminated sites as defined by FCSAP. The Project is intended to reduce long-term financial liability and manage human health and ecological risks.


The area of contaminated sediment to be remediated encompasses an area of approximately 13,520 m2 and is referred to as the "remediation area". The Project is proposed to include the following components: mobilization, demolition of in water structures, dredging, material processing of sediment to remove potential unexploded ordinances (UXO), transportation and disposal of sediment, placement of residual management cover (sand) and demobilization.

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