April 30nd, 2021 – The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) has determined that the proposed project of Construction of screen embankments and a multifunctional area facilities is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

Mitigation measures taken into account for this determination are:

  • Construction of screen embankments as soon as possible
  • Monitoring of machinery (good working order, effective pollution control systems, equipment maintenance inspection, etc.)
  • Control of erosion, runoff, dust emissions
  • Requirement for white noise backup alarms
  • Requirement for measures to reduce the noise from dump trucks
  • Establishment of a monitoring program during the construction phase comprising the following elements:
    • Acoustic monitoring via a conventional sound monitoring system
    • Monitoring of air quality using a temporary measuring station
    • The APM's complaints management system
    Finally, monitoring programs will be developed to verify the effectiveness of the measures put in place. Among these follow-ups, there will be:
  • Acoustic monitoring of waste snow management activities on an occasional basis
  • Monitoring of surface water quality
  • Monitoring of groundwater quality
  • Bi-annual monitoring of planted trees and shrubs
    Therefore, the MPA may perform any duty or function to enable the project to be carried out in whole or in part.

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