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Replacement of the Carvel Weather Radar – Public Comments Invited

December 9, 2020 – Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISEDC) must determine whether the proposed Replacement of the Carvel Weather Radar, is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, ECCC and ISEDC are inviting comments from the public respecting that determination. All comments received will be considered public and may be posted online.


Written comments must be submitted by January 15, 2021 to:


Sylvain Laramée, Director
Canadian Weather Radar Replacement
Program Environment and Climate
Change Canada
4905 Dufferin St,
North York, Ontario M3H 5T4  


The Proposed Project

The Government of Canada is modernizing its weather-forecasting infrastructure and will proceed with the replacement of its aging weather radars with new, modern radar systems. This initiative will ensure that Canadians are better informed on changing weather, water, and climate conditions and that they have more lead time to take appropriate actions to protect themselves, their family, and their property from the effects of severe weather.


The purpose of the project is to decommission the existing Carvel Weather Radar, located in Alberta, and install a new weather radar system in its place. The new Carvel radar will continue to provide coverage for the Edmonton area and will consist of a 22 m open lattice steel tower with an 11.8 m diameter radome at the top (sphere covering the antenna) for a total height of approximately 35 m including lightning protection rods. The new radar will operate at frequency of 2835MHz.


The radar is located at 1529 Parkland Hwy, Carvel, Alberta, T0E 0H0, a property owned by ECCC. The geographic coordinates of the proposed radar site are 53.560519°, -114.144811°.


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