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Project on Federal Lands

The project is estimated to start in September, 2020 and be completed by February, 2021.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard are undertaking a project to replace several of the structures on the wharf at the Victoria Coast Guard Base. These structures include the timber fenders, fender piles, fender camel logs, guard rails, safety ladders, and all associated connections. Replacing these components will improve the overall infrastructure on the wharf and provide safer access for the CCG vessels and crews.

All of this work involves the like-for-like replacement of existing structures that are currently in poor condition. As a result, no new ground will be disturbed. All of these components are located on the most seaward side of the wharf at the Coast Guard Base. The wharf runs along the west side of the Base, and has a length of approximately 240m.

This project involves replacing 32 of the existing timber fender piles with new piles. The existing piles will be completely extracted and disposed of properly, and the new piles will be driven in the same location as the existing piles. This work will likely be conducted from the water, using a pile driving barge.

 The timber fenders and guard rails will also be removed and replaced. These run along the entire wharf edge and are approximately 240m in length. These members sit on the concrete wharf, therefore, they will not create any ground disturbance. In addition to these, the safety ladders and floating timber camel logs will also be replaced. The 7 safety ladders hang off of the edge of the wharf, and are used for emergency access. The floating timber camel logs span approximately 210m and float on the surface of the water. The floating camels help brace the larger CCG vessels when they berth at this location.

In general, project works are proposed to start in September 2020 and end by February 2021. Within this six month period, one month of pile installation is anticipated, as it involves drilling the piles into the bedrock/sea floor; however, project dates and duration will be dependent on the selected contractor's methodology. Key equipment and machinery that will be used on site may include: pile driving/crane barge, material supply barge, support tugs, and a lifting crane for handling of piles or other material.

This project is located on the wharf at the Victoria Coast Guard Base, 25 Huron Street, Victoria, BC. The base is accessible via road access, as well as by water for vessel and barge access.

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