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Project on Federal Lands

The project is estimated to start September 2020 and be completed by March 31, 2021

Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

This project involves the repair of several structures on the wharf at the Institute of Ocean Sciences. All of these structures are currently aging and in need of repairs. The wharf is used daily by the Department's crews and vessels, and is critical to the regular operations of this facility. The proposed construction involves repairs to haunch of the double-tee beam at trestle abutment, repairs to the approach trestle joint, expansion joint replacement at bent 12, topping repairs over the crib structure between bents 12 and 13 (on pier 1), removal of redundant damaged camel posts, replacement of concrete box girder covers with fabricated steel plat covers, and concrete repairs at cleat pedestal at bent 4A.  

 Project Locations

The Institute of Ocean Sciences is located in Sidney BC, on Vancouver Island. The facility is accessible via road access, as well as by water. The site lies on the eastern shore of the Saanich Inlet which runs out into Haro Strait.

Other – Wharf repair

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