Institute of Ocean Sciences Patricia Bay – Miscellaneous Repairs 2020  

In progress

Project on Federal Lands

The project is estimated to start June, 2020  and be completed by November, 2020.

This project involves refurbishing several structures on the wharf at the Institute of Ocean Sciences. All of these structures are currently aging and in need of repairs. The wharf is used daily by the Department's crews and vessels, and is critical to the regular operations of this facility. The proposed construction involves three different components, all situated on the wharf. The first tasks involves the demolition of the travel lift platform, located near Float A. This includes demolishing and safely removing all components of this structure, including the timber piles and the concrete decking. This structure will be separated into pieces and lifted up and out of the area. It will not be demolished by breaking down the structure and picking pieces off of the seabed.

The next section of this project involves building a new approach platform on the North side of Float D. This includes removing the existing piles and timber wharf head, and installing new piles and concrete decking. The only ground disturbance for this component will be the drilling/driving of the new piles. However, these piles will be approximately in the same location as the existing piles. Therefore, there will be very little new ground disturbance for this task.

The last portion of this project is structurally repairing the lock block abutment wall on the South side of Float D. This involves pouring concrete and moving some of the armour rock underneath the abutment in order to secure and stabilize it. A pit will be excavated in order to gain access to underneath the wall. The only ground disturbance for this component will be the excavation of the access pit, and the placement of concrete, which will be minimal.

The Institute of Ocean Sciences is located in Sidney BC, on the Eastern coast of Vancouver Island. The facility is accessible via road access, as well as by water for vessel/barge access. The site lies on the eastern shore of the Saanich Inlet which runs out into Haro Strait.

Latitude:  48º 38' 60" N

Longitude:  123º 27' 01" W

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