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Notice of Intent to make a determination

Ocean Man First Nation 1 MW Solar Project - Public Comments Invited

April 27, 2020 - Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the proposed Ocean Man First Nation 1 MW Solar Project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.

Written comments must be submitted by May 26, 2020 to:

Indigenous Services Canada
1827 Albert Street
Regina, SK S4P 2S9

The proposed project

The proponent has been accepted under SaskPower's Power Generation Partner Program to supply solar electricity to the power grid. The overall project consists of constructing a steel pile structure in the ground with steel racking above ground to accommodate fixed solar panels.  The panels are expected to be approximately 10 feet high and situated approximately 2 feet off the ground.  Site1 (NE 32-10-7 W2M) is 1.38 hectares in size containing 900 panels for 280kw of solar electricity output.  Site 2 (NE 1-10-8 W2M) is 2.98 hectares in size with 2,350 panels for 720kw of solar electricity output. The lifespan of the project is expected to be 30 years.  The initial SaskPower agreement is for 20 years.  Each site will have a chain link security fence placed around the project area.

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