From Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to Taseko Mines Limited re: Information Request Regarding Proposed Activities at the New Prosperity Site

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
160 Elgin St., 22nd floor
Ottawa ON K1A 0H3

Agence canadienne d'évaluation environnementale
160, rue Elgin, 22e étage
Ottawa ON K1A 0H3

July 17, 2016

Agency File No.: 63928

Mr. Brian Battison
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Taseko Mines Limited
15th Floor, 1040 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4H1

Sent via email:

SUBJECT: Request for information regarding proposed activities at the New Prosperity site

Dear Mr. Battison:

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) is aware that Taseko Mines Limited has submitted a Notice of Work (Notice of Work Reference #: 0300150201601; submitted October 17, 2016) to British Columbia's Ministry of Energy and Mines regarding proposed activities at the site of the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine Project.

The Agency requests Taseko Mines Limited describe whether the Notice of Work includes any act or thing which is connected to the carrying out, in whole or in part, of the designated project titled New Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine Project. The Agency also requests that Taseko Mines Limited provide its views, with supporting rationale, regarding whether any of the activities described in the Notice of Work are designated activities as defined under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, and the associated Regulations Designating Physical Activities.

The Agency requests a response to this letter by August 4, 2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at (613) 957-0500 or via e-mail at should you have any questions.


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Kristin Coverley
A/ Chief, Compliance and Enforcement Unit
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

cc: Lisa Walls, Regional Director

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