Public Notice
Silverberry Landfill Capacity Expansion Project — Public Comments Invited

February 19, 2016 — The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) must decide whether a federal environmental assessment is required for the proposed Silverberry Landfill Capacity Expansion Project, located approximately 50 kilometres north of Fort St. John, British Columbia.

To assist in making its decision, the Agency is seeking comments from the public on the project and its potential effects on the environment. All comments received will be considered public.

Written comments must be submitted by March 10, 2016 to:

Silverberry Landfill Capacity Expansion Project
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
410-701 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V7Y 1C6
Telephone: 604-666-2431
Fax: 604-666-6990

Map depicting the location of the project, as described in the current document.

To view a summary of the project description or for more information, visit the Agency's website (Registry reference number 80120).

As a next step, the Agency will post a decision on its website stating whether an environmental assessment is required. If one is required, the public will have three more opportunities to comment on the project.

The Proposed Project

Tervita Corporation is proposing the expansion of its Silverberry Secure Landfill, an existing facility located approximately 50 kilometres north of Fort St. John, British Columbia. As proposed, the Silverberry Landfill Capacity Expansion Project would increase the lifespan of the landfill by approximately 30 years as well as increase its total capacity by 6,000,000 tonnes. Products accepted for disposal at the landfill are solid non-hazardous and select solid hazardous wastes (oilfield, forestry and industrial wastes).

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